The Bank of Odessa now offers bill payment access FREE of charge! Sign up for bill payment and have the ability to pay bills to third parties, businesses or individuals.

How does it work? You can pay anyone by simply adding them as a new payee and inputting their account information! You can send funds one time on a selected future date, schedule transactions to pay on a recurring basis, or even link ebills from select companies. If a company is able to provide bills electronically, you can opt to have the system automatically pay your full bill or your minimum payment due as soon as that bill is made available.

Basic transactions will be paid by check. Please submit your payment a minimum of 5 business days before your payment is due to allow for processing and standard mail. After your transaction is submitted, it will be assessed for risk or fraud, then cut and mailed per your request. As soon as it is received by the payee, or person to whom you are sending the funds, they will cash or deposit your check and you will see the funds deducted from your account. Select companies may have established a relationship with our processor and have the ability to accept transactions electronically. If so, you will typically only need to allow 2 business days for the transaction to process and clear your account.